Variety of Barbie Games Available Online

Barbie is still a popular doll after more than fifty years of its creation. Barbie was just a cute doll before its inclusion in the games. Now it become a popular virtual character among kids and incorporated in different types of online games. Children love to spend some time with her and want to perform different tasks with their favorite doll. They can dress up and make up her, can cook with her and perform other household tasks with her. Following are some people genre of online Barbie games.


Dress Up Games

Barbie dress up games is popular among girls, in which they can choose different outfits for the virtual doll. These games offer a wardrobe with variety of fancy and causal dresses. You can select according to your interests. You can choose a party dress, a wedding outfit, casual wears and much more. You need to dress up Barbie for different occasion including a date with her boyfriend Ken, for a princess wedding or for traditional festivals. These are now become the favorite pastime activities for teenagers.

Make Up Games

Barbie make up games are another way to entertain young girls as these are full of latest fashion ideas and styles. Youngsters can take fashion ideas and can use in their real lives. They can also learn about the latest make up trends and beauty products. The can also learn about skin treatment and use of various facial products. Moreover, girls can learn new hair styles and hair colors which they can apply on special occasions.

Cooking Games

Barbie cooking games are also people in kids as well as in adults. Kids can learn how to cook delicious dishes without going to a vocational centre. They can learn all new and traditional recipes by playing online games on their PCs. By playing these activities, players can improve various skills like hand eye coordination, time management and decision making. These activities are based on various levels and you have to complete each level within a given time.

Apart from Barbie, there are many other girls games online which give you a chance to meet with your favorite characters. You can also perform various tasks with your favorite virtual characters. These games are especially designed for girls and are different from racing and adventures. Girls usually love to play non violent simple games while boys love action filled online activities. In short, girls have a wide range of online games as compared to the past. Now the can spend some quality time by laying different activities virtually.

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